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Custom Work

Want to make a fun and lasting impression on your customers?

My real interest is to create custom photos for business and marketing use. I'm currently working on a few photos for a wine store, a hair salon, restaurant, island gift shop, and a few others.

If you have a business in which you wish to have a photo for marketing use, signage, Christmas or postcards, website, or just to hang in your office - please contact us.

We'll put a few ideas together.  If you like what we create, you may purchase the photo service for unlimited use or we'll assist you in creating the actual marketing product.


We're taking orders!

Below are a few of the custom creations.   These are very economical marketing ideas.


Shelton Signs


 Givens Properties


The Grind Coffee Shop

Shelton Signs creates commercial signs for their customers in Texas including Texas government agencies and school districts.

We created this picture during the summer of 2004. We printed these on a standard Christmas card template in a photo postcard format. The cards were 5x7 and were mailed in a crisp linen envelope.  200 cards were created for a cost of less than $150.00.


Givens Properties serves both commercial and residential customers in the Austin area.  The broker, Margaret Givens, is well established and is known by her customers and agents as a professional and delightful business woman. To add a fun and whimsy touch to Margaret's greeting cards, we created this card based on the Monopoly game.

The cards are 5x7 and blank inside.  Margaret's personal contact information is printed on the back of the card.

These custom printed cards were printed in a small volume of 250 cards. These were mailed in a heavy, crisp linen envelope.  The card and envelope were created for approximately $1.00 per card.


Located in the heart of Carolina Beach, NC, a local coffee shop serves customers in the Wilmington, Carolina, and Kure Beach area.

This picture was created solely as wall art and includes the Grinds' menu of great coffee's and desserts.  We used a Grind favorite, 'Midnight Oil' coffee beans for the picture.